Friday, March 28, 2014

In praise of bad photographs

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Timehop. In a nutshell, you tell it in which social media ponds you swim and every day it sends you a little look back at what you posted there. 

Some days are so deadly dull even the current deadly dull days seem exciting. 

Sometimes I find myself fairly well stunned by how quickly time has flown. 

I find it to be a great reminder of how well-served we are to keep whatever we are going through right now in perspective. Many of the things that consume your heart and head right now will, in time, be hardly worth noting in a few years. 

The things. Not the people. Never the people. 

Today was a case in point. 

3 years ago today I had taken Rosemary to visit her Great-Granny and Pap. I don't recall there was anything special about the visit. It was like most of my drop-ins - just a spur of the moment thing. No agenda, probably didn't last more than a half hour. 

The only thing that made this visit any different might have been that once I'd gotten home my Mama sent an email with this attachment. 
I didn't know she'd taken it. She had been given a digital camera and was still perched on the learning curve as regarded the taking of photos and the uploading of the same to her computer, not to mention sending them somewhere via email. 

The text of the email was this: "Unfocused, but sweet!"

It's as perfect a photograph as I've ever had.