Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our New Dog

I always said that when one of us retired we would seriously consider getting a dog. 

We have had a couple in the last nearly four decades, but realized we weren't in a position to be the sort of owner a good dog deserves. But maybe in retirement we could try again? 

I've had my heart set on a Bull Terrier because I once saw a TV show about them, and the narrator said they are known for their desire to make people laugh. 

Henry would love to have another Beagle, like the one he had when he was a little boy. 

But I think we both figured that, when the time was right, the right dog would just appear.

I believe our wait is over. Perhaps realizing that Henry is still working, and I'm just resting and not really retired, the dog gods decided to have fun with us because this is the critter that keeps showing up despite all my efforts to relocate him from the corner of our bedroom to the great outdoors. 

This has included my picking him up and walking all the way from one end of the house to the other to get him OUT. 

Today I decided to give up. 

His name is Lyle Lovett. And we're keeping him.