Sunday, May 23, 2010

Henry's Garden, May 23

Craziness is beginning to happen out here, folks.

I mean it.  Even rebar and twine have gotten involved this week, enlisted to help my cucumbers flourish.

The beans are waltzing to the tops of the trellises.

But the most important thing is that there have been spottings of ...

squash and....



  1. Yum! I am wanting some home grown tomatoes in the worst way!

  2. It's a thing of beauty indeed

  3. I was feeling pretty proud having planted three tomato plants and three pepper plants and some herbs today. Even though I had to fight Poe to stay out of the bag of new soil. He's attracted, apparently, to the manure. Best not to think about it. So here I am all dirt under my nails proud and then I see these photos of Henry's garden. I'll tuck my tail and go away now... Dang.

  4. Just read your comments to Henry, Karen Z... grinnin' like a mule eatin' thorns, he is.

    His garden keeps his soul on fire -- Sunday morning he attended worship amongst the okra, I think.

  5. You can keep the squash, but I want tomatoes!!!