Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best Christmas Moment - 2010

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My brother has had in his possession for many years a recording that my Grandpappy, Tom McCord, made in December of 1948 in which he took on the role of Santa Claus.

His friends, Mr. and Mrs. Hickey, owned a home on Myrtlewood Drive that was a real showplace during the Christmas season. It was a popular destination for holiday sightseeing in the city. Keep in mind that folks didn't just pile in their cars and go like they do now, and you'll have some idea of how special this must have been!

Mr. Hickey was a lover of gadgets and technology, and had the recording equipment in his home. Grandpappy and Nannaw were there for a party -- Grandpappy decked out in tuxedo, according to Mama -- when the idea for this recording came up.

Grandpappy, who made his living as an auctioneer (after a career with the railroad), had a rich, wonderful voice, and a kind and playful spirit, so it's no wonder he was happy to go along!

Anyway, my brother Thomas has asked any number of people over many years to help convert this recording to a format that could be used with current equipment, and to clean up the pops and scratches that are on it, too.

This Christmas that finally happened!

What this picture captures is the exact moment at which my Mama recognizes her father's voice on the recording.

None of the four of his grandchildren were born when this recording was made, although my brother Jim would be born just about 2 months later.

Grandpappy died in February 1967, just before I turned 9 years old. Hearing his voice for the first time since then was stunning. I was lucky enough to have heard this a couple days before, so I know exactly what Mama was feeling at the moment captured here.

It was a Merry, Merry Christmas.


  1. I just love everything about this.

  2. such a wonderful story all around!

  3. Oh my so choked up! It's so amazing for your mama to hear her papa's voice after all these years and for you too. What a gift this is for all the generations. Beautifully captured in this photo El!

  4. amazing moment! thanks for sharing.