Monday, January 31, 2011

Timing is Everything

Flashback to June 13, 2010:   I fell down, got hurt, yada, yada, yada.  (For those late to the party, here's the scoop, from an earlier blog entry found HERE.)

Flashback to January 1, 2011:  My husband, who has worked virtually every day of his life since the age of 14, begins a season of involuntary unemployment that we are still riding out.

The single biggest financial issue facing us right now is health insurance. Our current coverage is set to expire today. We have received no COBRA information, but that hardly matters -- without his income, affording it for both of us would be out of the question. He needs it more than I do, because he has some pre-existing conditions and I do not. Assuming the risk that I will remain healthy until we can afford to buy coverage for me seems reasonable, until we think about Flashback #1 up there.

So, why am I telling you this now?

My best friends will tell you that I am constantly on the search to find the gift in EVERYTHING.

I'm going to wait a minute while they nod their heads, and roll their eyes.

Okay -- done?  Good.  Because here is where this gets interesting.

Today in the mail we received a check from Allstate Insurance, in payment of an accident/disability claim it has taken us since just after I fell until now to submit to their satisfaction.  The amount of the settlement should cover one month's COBRA payment, and although that may not seem like much to you, what it means for us is at least a couple more weeks of not walking around scared of living.

I have never, ever, for one instant lost my faith in God. Not when I fell down and got hurt for no good reason and not when Henry was blindsided and lost his job. God knows I enjoy a good laugh more than anything in the world, and today, when I opened that envelope and slid that check out, I could almost hear Him say "gotcha!'

Thank God. I well and truly do.


  1. wow. he works in mysterious and crafty ways!

  2. Love this... glad you get another month's reprieve and bless you for looking out for the gift in every situation - this is definitely one and NO! I'm not eye-rolling either! xo