Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday - BUGS!

Not all bugs, of course. It's hard to get all warm and fuzzy about most of them, most of the time.

Ladybugs are different. Maybe it's because we meet ladybugs in verse when we are little, when we encourage one of them to flyaway home to check on her children. Anthropomorphism does wonders for one's early appreciation of nature, doesn't it?

Let's face it: ladybugs are just cute. I mean, they are polka-dotted, for goodness' sake! And they are very beneficial. We welcome them in the garden because they have a big appetite for bugs who are not so nice. (Maybe those bugs didn't have nursery rhymes written about them, and have "issues" arising from that?) 

My granddaughter's house plays host to a benign infestation of ladybugs every year. The first time this happened her parents were understandably bothered, but as they have gotten used to them, and as they have learned that they aren't there to do damage, it's become more a source of bemused irritation.

Ladybugs are said to offer protection, and luck. While I am not overly given to superstition, as long as some of the people I love best are living in that house, I like the idea that these little friends keep coming back. 

Cloverdale Road Ladybug

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