Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Didn't Miss Today

I took a walk late this afternoon. It was, as some of us are wont to say, hellahot, but I'm glad I went because here's what I didn't miss. 

I didn't miss seeing two little bitty birds whupping up on this Big Boy until they had him back where they wanted him. He was so humbled he sat up there in this tree long enough for me to -- literally -- run across an open expanse to get this picture of him. Badly lit, I know, but he did not appear to be of a mind to cooperate himself into a more advantageous lighting position. 

I also didn't miss the football drills these two were enjoying. I watched them as I lapped the park several times, watched the man throw the ball, watched the little boy almost catch it, and then watched the man jog over to him over and over.  He'd lean down, talk to the boy, whose head would nod eagerly. Then a fist bump would get shared between the two, a nicely thrown pass from the little boy would make its way to the man, and the whole process would begin again.  

I was getting ready to do my last lap and decided to jog down and let them know I'd enjoyed watching them. The man is the little boy's Daddy, and the little boy wants to be a wide receiver when he grows up. 

I asked, as we tend to do here in Alabama, "Bama or Auburn?"

"I'm gonna be a Bulldawg!"

And with that heartbreaking bit of news I took one more shot of this future SEC standout.....

.... and he caught it. 
Watch out, Nick.  

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