Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Morning Walk

I set out this morning for a walk, determined to make my 6 mile mark. Not only did I strike out a little later than I wanted, I neglected to take any water. I hadn't been out there very long when I realized what a bonehead thing that was to do today, because somebody has set fire to the temps again, y'all.

I decided to keep going though, because I really am serious about working my way back up to double digit miles on the weekends this fall, and because, well, I was fuzzy about other reasons until I ran across some visual reminders that logging 6 miles would earn me a cold adult beverage during tonight's football game! I will sweat for beer.

I was making pretty good time, throwing in a little jog here and there, but the heat really was beginning to get to me around mile 4, and I opted to take it down a notch and finish things out with an extended cool-down walking pace. What I enjoy about these longer walks is that I don't feel pressure to do anything but stay out there and keep moving. I don't claim to be an athlete, after all, but I am a bit of a this:

It was at this point, though, that I sent my husband a text, to ask him to please have some good cold water waiting for me when I got home. I checked my walking app to see how much longer I needed to keep putting one foot in front of another, and was delighted to see it was only just about another mile. Thank goodness the app is easy to read.

(Not really my glasses.)

Even so, I was really thinking that every footfall between where I was and home was going to be an act of sheer determination. I was beginning to get a little lightheaded, and I had my phone out to call home again to ask my husband to come get me when I looked ahead of me and saw a Knight In Shining Armor coming toward me.  

That's right, folks. He tracked me on my phone, got in his truck, and delivered water to me. Is this man a prince, or what? He knew I "needed" my 6 miles today, so he didn't try to stop me, and I just grabbed the water, mumbled a sincere thanks, and kept going.

And then, as my girlfriends and I like to say, I found a dollar. 


  1. Dollar looks brand new~
    I would sweat for beer also.

    1. In the interest of full disclosure... the dollar bill was a plant! All other things were photographed where and how I found them on the side of the road. ;-)