Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week's Best -- 4th edition

This was sort of a "meh" week. We all have those. Even so, it had its moments. 


We made the transition from January to February, which always prompts me to check the calendar to see if we are in a Leap Year. (We aren't. You're welcome.) And February means we all sit back and wait for a large rodent to tell us whether we should move the spring wardrobe back into our closets. 

The way the weather has been going for us in Montgomery these last few months, any prediction he might have made would have stood a better than 50% chance of being right, so I could certainly forgive him if he wanted to pass the buck entirely. 


My coworkers and I took a road trip yesterday into rural Macon County, Alabama. Despite having between us 4 smartphones with mapping software and a Garmin on the dashboard, we got almost hopelessly lost on the way to our destination. We all got to laughing so hard about this I almost could not catch my breath. To the list of things I love about my job, add that we laugh - hard - about something almost every day.  Anyway, when we got where we were going -- the Macon County Humane Society -- we got to visit with all the dogs that are housed there, including two litters of adorable puppies. 

I use the adjective "adorable" as though all puppies are not. 


I like dogs just fine, but I'm not what you'd call a dog person. Even so, had that little one with the dark splotches been ready to find a new home, it would have been right here on Crawford Street with us last night. It's enough for me to know, though, that because of the surprise grant CACF gave the MCHS yesterday, those puppies and all the other dogs who are housed there will continue to be looked after with tremendous love and commitment until they do find their own people to adopt. 

 All in all, that made for a really nice day at work. 


It was fun to see Bowling Green, Kentucky in the news this week. I'm not going to delve into those waters at all, but it was nice to see my Mama's hometown in the headlines, and to have the opportunity to remember another day that folks across America had cause to think of Bowling Green. It was the day this blog post launched. It became one of the most widely read and shared posts I've ever written. I never understand why one post "launches" and another doesn't, by the way, but I am still glad this one traveled around a bit. 


Books I finished this week: 

They Left Us Everything by Plum Johnson

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

Quote of the Week

At the end of our lives, we become only memories. 
If we’re lucky, someone is passing those down. 

~~ Plum Johnson 


And finally, this. When I told my husband about all those puppies at the Macon County Humane Society, he got all misty-eyed and said he would have another dog one day, when he retires, and it'll be a beagle, because a beagle was his first best friend. 

There was a Bluejohn had a dog, and Bingo was his name-oh!

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