Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday in Henry's Garden

Tomatoes in the kitchen window, from whence
Henry just snatches them to eat whenever he feels like it.

This week I have enjoyed fresh cucumbers sliced up in ice water (thanks, Betsy!), sliced tomatoes on a grilled hamburger, wedge tomatoes in a salad, and grilled eggplant (okay, so "enjoyed" is stretching that one).  Lima beans should be making an appearance in a pot soon, and I'm expecting Henry to do some frying magic with okra this week.   I'm salivating over the cantaloupe that are coming along nicely, and cautiously optimistic that I may actually get a little more squash!   We've given up on the bell peppers, sad to say, and I'm still sad that the radish ran their course, but that's just how life in the garden goes, I reckon.

Can you spot my Garden Gnome?

This is what you call a "mess of 'maters"

This is what you call "don't want to wait for vine ripening."


Okra blossoms are much prettier than okra.

Oh, please, Oh, please, Oh, please!!


  1. I love the garden update posts and now I want some fried okra.

    We've had such horrible weather I think The Hubsters garden (aka the tomato plant) may be a total loss this year. Not a single bloom on it. June was so wet it got attacked by slugs.

  2. I'm just happy I got some pretty shots of the sunflowers a couple days ago. Two afternoons of big t'storms, and they've taken a beating.

    Mama has a little tomato plant on her back patio -- it's not doing terribly well, either.

    Slugs - nasty, but always something fun to do with salt.

  3. Hope you get just a little more squash! I wish I could help you out with the tomatoes!