Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grocery Giggles

I love the little moments that happen in a day that snap you out of whatever rut you're in and make you smile. 

I had one of those at lunchtime today when I stopped by Super Foods, the smallish grocery around the corner from my house, to grab a couple cans of soup for lunch for the next couple days.

The Grocery Bagger, who is probably doing that high-school/work thing, was putting my soup and the few other things I picked up while I was there in a bag.  (Mayfield Banana Popsicles, a carton of the Breyer's Ice Cream we love, and a package of the $1 a package Whole Wheat Toast I have become addicted to, in case you were interested.)

I hardly ever really pay much attention to these fellas, who tend to do their work efficiently at this store, and who carry out when you want them to, so I was thinking of not much else but getting the little check-out screen signed, and getting my keys out of my purse.

Then he said, "We hope you enjoyed your stay at Super Foods today, ma'am!"

I couldn't help but laugh.  He is taking what has to be an incredibly boring and tedious job and spreading a little good cheer with it.  

And the answer to the question was, "I surely did!"

I don't know anything at all about this young man, but with a spirit like that, I don't think he'll be bagging groceries for long!

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