Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

I've been a bit distracted the past few weeks.  Too many things going on that required time and attention I just haven't had time or attention to handle well.   And then last night I realized I'm already past deadline on a writing assignment I agreed to, and I have had ZERO inspiration.

And let's not forget that the weather has taken this nasty turn to heat and crushing humidity so that even my morning walks are not invigorating. 

So you can see my basic problem:  the universe has quite forgotten that it is all about me.

I headed out -- reluctantly -- for my walk this morning.  It was 77 degrees outside at 6:20 a.m.  The humidity was around 80-something %.  The dew point (aka The Misery Factor) was 73, and I usually skip going out at a dew point of 71.

But I headed out anyway, because there is some scant reason to believe we might have rain coming, and I want to squeeze in as many outdoor walks as I can when I can.

It was dark when I stepped out.   The cloud cover appeared malevolent. If it had come complete with a soundtrack there would have been a whole lot of Wagner involved.

I pressed on, though, and I was a couple miles into my walk at the apex of my loop when I rounded a corner and looked up and saw this:

Photographically speaking, that's not great, I know.  I was walking and I took it with my iPhone. Forgive me.

But it was a breathtaking reminder of something for which I should not really need a reminder:

There is no storm from which beauty does not come.


  1. iPhone or not, beautiful shot.

  2. I now remember it was balmy last week, not that balmy here in PA, but far from the frosty mornings of this week

  3. I think it's great - I am addicted to shooting photos with my iPhone and trying some apps on them.