Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- WORDS!!

Many of you already know this, but our sweet granddaughter Rosemary, who will celebrate her second birthday on Thanksgiving, has been characterized as speech delayed. Although we've all heard many reassuring stories about other late talkers (my own Aunt, for one, who never said a word until she was 3, and then began with complete sentences), when it's your child, your grandchild, it's hard to not have some anxiety about this.

When both of my sons were little bits, it seemed there was always somebody coming out of the woodwork to point out that their kid was smarter, cuter, faster, more whatever than mine were. They weren't making a point to be cruel, of course -- parents brag on their kids. It's what parents do.  But that didn't make it sting any less.

In this time of social media, though, I think my son and daughter-in-law have felt this particularly hard. Friends with children Rosemary's age and younger are -- understandably -- tickled to post about all the wonderful, bright, cute things their children are doing, and God love 'em, they have a right to do that! We've all enjoyed watching those sweet milestones. Goodness knows I have posted tons of stuff recording Rosemary's least little accomplishments, but it just has made the pressure a little harder on my little family, highlighted the differences more acutely with each passing week, sometimes.

To her great credit, my daughter-in-law has not let this make her completely crazy. She went through appropriate channels to get some help, and patience has been her strong suit.

And much to our delight, words have begun to come, though, and right along with them, apparently, some skills in basic accounting.

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