Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I was wandering through Blogville a couple months ago and found a blog wherein a woman had a regular feature called "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  I enjoyed looking at her Wednesday posts, which were full of serious things, silly things, products she had tried, movies/books/music she'd enjoyed, and it struck me as a brilliant exercise -- plus an easy way to come up with an idea to keep writing.

And then my mother became ill and died, and although during all those horrible weeks there were still things I found to love and enjoy, the writing about them just didn't happen. Mama was one of the regular readers of my blogs, and frequently commented on them (mostly anonymously), and after her death I ran across an e-mail she'd sent a friend with a prayer I'd written, with the addendum that she was proud of my writing, and wished I would "do" something with it. 

I figure if reading what I wrote gave her joy, or pride, or an occasional raised eyebrow, I would dishonor her memory if I quit doing it.  I have begun another blog that deals specifically with her death, and my grieving, and all the little landmines (some devastating, some funny) that have come my way, and because I know they will continue to, that will be an ongoing concern. If you are interested in that blog at all, the link can be found to the right of this post.)

Anyway, today begins a new thing, then.  I hope you'll enjoy!




The art of banana selection is complicated. Buy too many when they are ripe and you will end up with a freezer full of banana bread makings. Buy too many that are too green, and, well, yuck. 

I've been in charge of banana buying for my father for the past many weeks. He eats 2 each day, and he likes them on the greenish side. And small.  Over all these weeks I have learned an important lesson.

The greenest bananas -- so green that you frequently have to read the sign to even know they are bananas -- are at Winn-Dixie on Carter Hill Road. 

The best overall selection of equal parts green and ripe bananas is at Publix on Zelda Road, although getting a good mix is hard on Wednesdays.

The ripest bananas can be found at Super Foods on McGehee Road. It's a perfect little trip around the corner when you realize that the green ones you bought haven't ripened enough to eat. 

So, what I'm loving this Wednesday is bananas. 
The eating of. The buying of. The writing about. 


  1. I love bananas, and I am sure WW will change the rules next year to take them off the free list...

  2. They do have a way of retweaking, but bananas are so good for you they are worth making room for. I know I've had days where the "free" thing probably wasn't the smartest thing ever, since I equate "free" with "all you can eat." Heck, I pretty much equate ANYTHING with "all you can eat."