Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday -- Implements!

I love pens.

I most especially love free pens, and have an enormous collection of them courtesy of friends from all over the country who have sent them to me from their own or local businesses, or hotels from all over the world in which they've stayed, or other assorted places that advertise through writing implements.

I haven't bought a pen in probably 20 years.

I'm very particular about them. They have to fit well in my hand, the ink has to flow evenly (I toss pens without passing "go" if they skip or leave clumps), and I know I am hooked to a particular pen when I go looking for it even when there are others right at hand.

Now I find myself deeply conflicted.

The Office Depot pen you see up there? The good people who own the bookstore in which I work bought a box of them recently, and I have gone quite dotty on them. They are almost perfect, but cannot meet my criteria for True Pen Perfection for two reasons.

You shouldn't have to buy pens that advertise a place of business.

And the only way I'll wind up with one of these in my personal possession is if I pilfer it.

Even I draw the line somewhere.

But when I'm at work? I'm loving these.
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