Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week's Best - Third Edition

It wasn't a perfect week, folks. It was a week of situations in my personal life and in the world beyond that were ridiculously awful, but I've expressed myself quite enough elsewhere about those things, and this weekly feature is never going to focus on anything beyond the little things that made for nice moments and fun memories during the week before.

Used by permission of Alabama artist Debbie Dowdle

There were some awfully nice moments, like having dinner with my friend Richard at a new seafood restaurant that's opened here in town. Everything was perfectly fine except for the green beans which were even more tasteless than green beans should be, and I'm highly skeptical of hushpuppies that aren't round. When I was a little kid, the biggest treat we ever had during summers at Lake Martin was going to the restaurant at Kowaliga, where I would always have squealers and hushpuppies. (If you don't know what a squealer is, you might want to think twice before asking.) Those hushpuppies were always round and fried to perfection. I don't care where I eat them, or even how they are (mis)shaped, eating hushpuppies puts me in mind of those very happy days.


My Mama always held that the more folks you let work an appliance, the more likely it is that something will go squirrely with it. Since our home was burglarized a month ago, one in which my husband's laptop and his 25+ years of Boy Scout history (not in anybody's cloud)  walked out the back door with our thief, he's been using my very old-school desktop. Well, this morning I got up to do my weekly banking/finance work, and the spreadsheet I have developed and tweaked to near perfection over a year's time was GONE. More accurately, no version of it after November could be found anywhere on my hard drive, despite autosave. After an initial flurry of panic I remembered by my son had insisted we start using BackBlaze, and I am here to tell you that it worked beautifully, and easily, and fast. I never had to call tech support. Heck, I didn't even have to call my son to ask what to do. I love it when something works like it's supposed to!

Now, I can't tell you beyond a shadow of any doubt that my husband's using my desktop had a thing in the world to do with what happened this morning, but a half hour after my Excel Spreadsheet was restored, my husband's new laptop got ordered.


I was very happy that my boss was able to connect me with a Girl Scout family, because this.....


Well, the week started with seafood, so it might as well end with some.  We don't go to Jubilee Seafood as often as we'd like, but we turned a sow's ear (the cancellation of a performance to which I'd already bought tickets) into a silk purse (using my refunded money to splurge).


Books I finished this week: 

Friday the Rabbi Slept Late - Harry Kemelman

If I Forget You -- Thomas Christopher Greene

The End

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