Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week's Best

Okay, so it's not the most original thing -- doing a list of one's favorite things/moments/experiences from the previous week -- but since I'm not updating my other blog any longer I want to do something that will keep me on my toes. I have fear of commitment, though, so while I hope to do this on a weekly basis that might not happen. Anyway. 

Madwoman at work. 

Monday was Clean Off Your Desk Day. My Daddy often told the story of the man for whom he worked in his early years in the insurance business, a boss whose desk was always very messy. One afternoon before leaving work, however, Mr. W tidied everything up, went to the airport and got in his small private plane.... and crashed. Since that day, Daddy didn't put quite so much stock in keeping things tickety-boo, and I have elevated it to an art.


Wait, I'm where?

As I came over the rise on Perry Street on my commute to work a few days ago, I had the distinct impression I'd somehow taken a wrong turn and was looking at my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains. Nope. Just a really bizarre, low hanging, cloud formation. Oh, and just for the sake of history.... the church spire you see there belongs to St. John's Episcopal Church, which was the church attended by Jefferson Davis.



Turning from the access road off onto Perry Street on my way to work is often interesting, as the lanes are poorly marked and there seems to be no consensus as to which car belongs in which lane. These two motorists could not amicably settle that dispute on morning this week. When I was growing up, we had this family tradition: any time we happened upon a stranded motorist or an accident, everyone in the car had to yell out, "Howdy Doody, Mr. Kitty!" Woe betide the last to say it, for any car trouble that might befall us would be blamed on the straggler. I still mutter it under my breath every single time I come upon circumstances that warrant it. (And no, none of my siblings nor I have any explanation for this phrase, or who started it, although we all expect it came from my Grandpappy Tom McCord.)



I'm gonna need to see this thing again to figure out what it is, exactly. I think it was actually a motorcycle with this two-wheeler front on it, but I was afraid the parking lot bar was going to come crashing down on my car if I didn't keep moving. Whatever it is, it's a good one.



Books Read:
I Will Send Rain - Rae Meadows (heartily recommended)
Bitter River (Bell Elkins #2) - Julia Keller (meh)

Movies Seen:
LaLa Land - must see

Best of TV: 
Longmire (streaming on Netflix)

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