Sunday, August 29, 2010

Henry's Garden - RIP

There hasn't been a garden post in a while. Things have really come to a halt out there over these past few weeks, and it wasn't looking all that pretty so I figured I'd spare the pre-eulogy.  But it's done, now, and so it's time to look back.

So, here's how things went:  some things just did not do well at all. The squash were the first casualty, which broke my heart.  Melons were a bust (cantaloupe came in, but were tasteless).  Beans just didn't quite do their thing.  Eggplant were marginal, cucumbers were awesome, and the tomatoes kept the Farmer very happy for a sufficiently long period of time. Green peppers just didn't happen, but the radishes were amazing while they lasted.

But the biggest surprise to me was the okra.  I have spent most of a lifetime avoiding it whenever and however possible.  It got to where  Henry was picking a basket of it almost every morning, and I just couldn't bear not figuring out how to use it.   Henry started out frying it up, but it has been a hot summer, and who wants to do that regularly in the heat?

Then I ran across a place on the internet that said steaming it just to doneness created a whole 'nother dining experience, so I figured, "Why not?"

Oh. My. Goodness.

Love at first bite, people.  My life has changed.

I learned some other things while Henry's garden 
went about its business, 
things I want to share with you.  

1.  Something is always happening, even when you can't see it.

2.  Farmers are just little boys 
all grown up,
 looking for some dirt in which to play.

3.  Even the best farmer in the world can use help sometimes.

4.  Rain helps everything grow.

5. There's a whole lot of excitement in pretty things that spring up. It's easy to be dazzled, and we enjoy admiring beauty.

But it often happens that when beautiful things are free from spending so much energy on being noticed they are finally able to reveal their hidden gifts and best fruit.

6.  Some days, just showing up can make somebody's day.

7.  When you've been married a long, long time to your best friend,  gifts from the heart trump gifts from the wallet every time.

8.  And finally, there comes a time when it just seems all 
the good stuff is over....

But guess what?

I looked at the garden this morning and saw some flashes of color. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I walked through a misty rain to take a closer look.

And I got my final lesson from the garden.

9.  Easter happens around us, all the time.

Morning Glory!


  1. Unwittingly or not, this reads like a love letter to your sweet husband. Here's to next year's bountiful garden.

  2. Love this! Both the post and the photos!

  3. This is fact I will go so far as to say this is great. Good girl.