Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Saturday in Pictures

So, this is the first all-day, spend-the-night thing we've done with Rosemary, and I have a feeling that when we hand her back over to her folks tomorrow we will be crashing shortly thereafter.

We've had fun....

We sugared some blueberries for a cobbler.....

.... with turbinado sugar

Then we went outside and saw a HUGE butterfly, but by the time we walked back inside to get my camera he was gone.  But this is where he was.

Really.  RIGHT there.

Pop had worked hard on tents and stuff all morning, so when he came in he needed a little attention.  

Pop needs a stylist!

...and maybe a little more off the top.

On the other hand, maybe I like him just fine the way he is.

We got by for a short visit with Granny and Pap, where Rosemary shared a banana with Pap.  Not just anybody gets to do that.  He's pretty particular about his banana company.   Granny has been going through lots of old things, and had these three pictures laid out on the kitchen counter.  Left and center are Rosemary's great-great grandfathers, and on the right is her great-grandfather.  All three of them served as President of the Montgomery Rotary Club.  That's pretty cool.
Granny also had this sitting out -- a vintage baby food jar, filled for who knows how many years with discarded screws that somebody was probably sure they would need someday.   We went to Target just after this, and I checked -- they don't make Vegetables with liver, with bacon, anymore.   Imagine that.

Also at Target we rounded a corner and found another BFF for Rosemary.  This was a hit.

At least that's what it looks like, the way I see it.


Remember these?

I never got around to making the blueberry cobbler.  I made meatloaf -- with ketchup, just the way Henry wanted it -- and I was afraid if I made traditional meatloaf AND a cobbler for the same meal I'd wake up wearing a string of pearls and feel compelled to wear stockings and heels whilst cleaning house.


  1. Looks like a perfect day to me!

  2. Love these. I wanna come play at your house for a day!

  3. Excellent recap of an excellent day!

  4. Love it. Thanks. I needed that tonight!