Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden Report (and more again) - Week ending April 30

This is going to be one of those quick and dirty blog entries, by which I mean I'm patching this stuff together, and goodness knows that the usual incredibly amazing photography and writing to which you have become accustomed is just going all out the window.

Please make sure you read the sarcasm in that. But I digress.

Early in the week whilst out on a walk 
I spotted a whole bunch of these.

I spent a fair amount of time after snapping this photo recalling with great fondness how much fun we used to have smashing these things in one another's faces when we were little. Do children do that any more? Or have we mostly ChemLawned them out of existence? It made me nostalgic for the old days on Montezuma Road, where we burned the soles of our feet on the hot asphalt so they'd be tough enough to play kickball or Swing the Statue in yards full of stickers. Gosh -- does anybody even have those in their yards anymore?

In this fit of good-old-days-itis at the earliest opportunity I marched Rosemary out to our fence, plucked honeysuckle off the vine, and tried to educate her in the fine art of stamen removal so she might taste the nectar therein. We will try that again later. Right now, she much prefers the taste of rocks from Pop's garden.

She also prefers having her very own camp chair. 
It's a Lucas thing. 

But you're just here for the garden stuff, right?

Here goes!

And in a moment of pure bliss, I pretended like I was a farmer, too...


Oh. And I probably should mention here that beginning on May 3, 2011 at 7 a.m. there will be a really amazing man 
helping run this operation.

Gratitude doesn't even begin to cover it. 

By the way... feel free to click on the pictures you want to see better. They get bigger.
And when you want to get back to the blog, you just hit your back arrow.

I do not charge extra for this helpful advice.

If I have misidentified any produce, it's not my fault. 
A certain farmer was too busy getting ready to go out to celebrate to make sure I had everything right. 

But I love him better than hot radishes anyway.


  1. I have a plate, a fork a, salt shaker and a hankering for a real 'mater.....or I can just lean over the sink and let the juice run down my arm the way I used to eat them. Ohhhhhh...I can just taste them now.