Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Report - Week Ending May 29

Developments this week, in pictures! named because she's about the only one in
the family who eats them...

There must be 8 - 10 cantaloupe out there.
These are the things that failed miserably last year,
so Henry didn't plant them again.

Ah, the joys of composting!


Yes, it's a very small carrot, but it's a carrot!

I have dearly loved my radishes, but they are so hot 
nobody but me will eat them. It's a good thing 
they are so photogenic, right?


Say it with me....



I am pretty sure these are black bean blossoms.
Henry would know for sure.
He's asleep on the sofa.
I will not wake him to ask.
I have already asked him.

4,238 times.

But I keep forgetting.


I only took this picture because these are his 
favorite blooms out there right now. 

One does one's best to keep the farmer happy.


But the biggest news out there this week....

~~ Ta-da!! ~~

Henry's Mother-in-law's tomatoes!


  1. Most beautiful tomatoes I have ever seen. How long before they are vine ripened???? Squash was delish as were the cucumbers......notice the past tense. Thank you Henry for growing them and Eleanor for delivering them. You can't get much better than that. Old age does have it's good side.

  2. YUM (except for the cantaloupe and eggplant parts).

  3. Best garden I have ever seen - are you sure this is not a farm!

  4. dang. just remembered I have had basil in the garage for 4 days waiting to plant. gotta run...