Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Report - Week Ending May 15

Yes. I am delinquent. 
Say something that will surprise anybody who really knows me.

Lots of neat stuff going on out in the back yard, the most exciting of which I can't seem to capture in a photograph. The wild bees are out in full force, and it's just incredibly exciting! Tomato plants have begun to blossom, and the lettuces continue to produce like crazy. The radishes have been just amazing -- and so hot only the bravest souls dare eat them. So far, I seem to be the only brave soul.

My favorite things out there right now, though, are the beans that have begun dancing their tendrils up the trellises Henry built for them out of bamboo and twine, and the squash. 

Well here. Pictures will tell the story.

Squash blossom


Tendrils. I just love tendrils.

Where those tendrils are dancing.

Can you stand another tendril?

I knew you could.

These trellises are made from repurposed rebar. 
Nothing around here goes to waste.

I really should coordinate these two a little bit 
better before we go out in public again.

And what is a week without a little Wild Turkey?
(Oak Mountain State Park)

Okay -- FINE.

Back to the garden...

Somebody requested a wider shot of the garden.

This would be it.

Did I mention the lettuces are going nuts?


Now that that is all done....

go grab your dictionary.

Turn to the letter "C" in there.

Now find the word "contentment."

That picture should be right next to it.

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  1. Perfect..........I am getting my casserole ready for some squash. Wonder where I could get some????? Henry is a genius. Eleanor is a genius supporter. Rosemary is an inspiration to both...and others. The Lord has truly blessed us hasn't He??? He even sent me a cool day.

    I nominate Henry as the winner of the Oscar in the Veggie Garden Category.