Sunday, April 24, 2011

Garden Report (and more) - Week ending April 23

What with this having been Holy Week and everything, I was busy doing all sorts of things. Photographing the garden didn't rank really high on the list, so what you're getting this week is a mish-mash of all manner of lots of other things that are growing.

Like this one. Apply dirt, water, a little sunshine, and stand back and let the fun start!

These are my Scottish Roses. They are so, so tiny they make Sweetheart Roses look like steroids have been involved. I love them and they make me happy. 

Is there anything more delicious than the smell of jasmine? Every day this drapes a little fuller and heavier over our fence, and provides good hiding places for all the lizards that are out there this year.

This next pretty was labeled as a mosquito plant, but the ones I see around on the internet don't have flowers that look like these. Any wisdom out there on what this might be?

And this is a wild garlic plant. They have so much attitude. They just YELL at you when they sprout up. I mean it - they are very tall. This opens into a really funky little poofy flower that looks like a kinder, gentler version of a disco ball.

Aphids are attracted to lettuce, ladybugs are attracted to aphids. Let's see who wins over the next few weeks, shall we? It's like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom out there!


Wilbur has sat on our front porch for 15 years. He got so jealous of Zach the Garden Gnome getting all the attention that he requested a transfer. He was put in charge of guarding the eggplant this week.

Look at all that produce! Lettuce! Peas! Asparagus! I do believe we are going to have bumper crops of lots of things this year. Okra is struggling, but Henry is going to get more to plant. Right now, everything else is going great guns -- and I should have radishes soon. I love me some radishes right out of the ground.

They go so well with THIS right out of the garden!

That's a mixture of Redsails (on the right) and butter crunch and some other kind I can never remember. It doesn't seem to make it taste any less wonderful not to know what it is, though. 


On an entirely unrelated note, I forgot that I had taken some pictures last Sunday during the Palm Sunday festivities at church. They weren't very good, so I ditched all of them but this one.

I don't recall in all the years I have known my husband ever having had a picture of him alone with my father. Henry looks up to my Daddy. As different as these two are in most ways, they do share some astonishingly similar traits.

They are both stubborn as mules. Neither of them are keen on being told there might be a better way to do something than the way they have done it forever. Both have a maddening tendency to wrest total control of the thermostats in their households, ignoring pleas for mercy from all others. 

And by God's good grace they both love me.

All photographs were taken by me, and the only reason I say this is that someone asked me this week where I get my pictures for my blog. Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks. 

Oh, and if you are so inclined, please feel free to share or recommend this blog to anybody! There are easy share links at the bottom that make it a snap. 

And I live for comments.

And radishes.


  1. I have a story about the ladybug in the manuscript I just completed on Good Friday. That poetry of God's all over again. Love it.
    Love that the pig is jealous, too.

  2. Love the picture of the two VIM. (Very Important Men). Love the pictures of the garden....and Rosemary, of course. Fact is, I just loved everything about this blog. Love you too.

    I don't get much information on the tomato crop. Anything happening?????

  3. To Anonymous<
    Maters are coming along just fine. The Better Boy's should start blooming in the next week, the others will take a little longer, started from seed a little late.