Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yesterday afternoon Jackie and Luke brought Rosemary over to have a little run through on how to hunt for Easter eggs, since they will be leaving to spend the day with Jackie's family right after church tomorrow. This was great, because we got to have some Easter egg fun, as well as the opportunity to figure out how we could help her practice a little bit today while she spends the day today here with us.

I got back from my Saturday morning walk to find Rosemary and her Pop busy at work on this project. They were having a grand time, so I whipped out my iPhone to capture the moment.

It is fair to say that things began to go downhill from here. She's a smart cookie, our Rosemary, and yesterday the Easter Bunny had put treats in those eggs (Goldfish and Cheerios) and today's Easter Bunny, um.... forgot. She wuz robbed, and she let us know that she understood this. Loudly.

I was able to comfort her, however. She is not much of a critic yet, so I sing to her all the time. I can find a song for just about every occasion, and here's what today's choice was.

It is never too early to start them on the right musical path.

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