Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garden Report - Week ending April 16

This has been one of Those Weeks, but my mother's plaintive question, "Are we going to get a garden blog again soon?" caused me to throw back my shoulders and get around to some updates. Henry is doing all manner of things out in the yard I just do not understand, so we took a little walkabout out there, and I even had my little Moleskine in hand so I wouldn't mess any of this up. 

Taking notes is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of, a sign of...  um, well. Never mind.

Anyway. Here we go.

These are tomatoes that
were started from seed.

Once they are big enough they go into these containers
to "harden," whatever the heck that means.
It sounded very official when Henry said it.

Herb bed, aka "Bed #1"

In the herb bed there's this volunteer cantaloupe.
That means that it's a cantaloupe 

left over from last year's garden.
It just showed up without being asked.
Like a volunteer.
So. There's this week's philosophy lesson.

Bed #2 features asparagus (at the top) 
and cowpeas/purple hull peas.

I am excited about one of these crops.

Bed #3 has eggplant (the prominent plant) and 
cucumbers and black beans.

I am excited about 2 of these crops.

And that little marigold in the corner? 

It's just there for the happy.

Bed #4 has (from left to right) yellow squash, 
and two varieties of lettuce.

I am very excited about this whole bed.

How excited, you ask?

I'm so excited I went all artistic with the lettuces!!

Bed #5 has Red Sails lettuce, Iceberg lettuce,
Mama's Tomatoes (aka "Better Boy"), 

3 rows of carrots,
and a row of ............


Bed #6 is full of Emerald Velvet Okra
and Big Louie

Beds 7, 8, and 9 are still just full of equal parts dirt and potential,  but will be home to those tomatoes that are in the hardening phase (again -- not a clue, people), spinach, even more lettuces, watermelon, and pole beans.

There are two things that are completely new additions to Henry's garden this year that I just have been dying to share.

First, this.

Two views of a wild bee box.
Henry made it his own fine self.
We do what we can to promote pollination.
No, there will not be honey.


And this

We understand his name is Zach.

He just sorta showed up. 

We're keepin' him.


  1. Now that is what I call an UPDATE. Things are looking good. I must say I worry about Big Louis being given "rights" to be in the garden. I must have a talk with him.

    Congratulations to the Master Gardener. I can just taste the big boys.

  2. Zach will protect your garden from all sorts of critters. Hopefully CATS.

  3. Love the artistic lettuce photos.

    Also Stan from our backyard says to say "hey" to Zach.

  4. Henry's garden is luscious. No wonder Zach found a happy corner for pondering. Imagine the stories Zach will witness... And RML does she love Zach?

  5. hardening is getting the plants used to the environment it will live in without being babied too much. I just know there is a book in you waiting to be written, Eleanor!