Thursday, September 30, 2010

And Sew It Goes

The Seamstresses:
Jean Upchurch and Deborah Moebes

Yesterday we hosted a booksigning for Deborah Moebes, owner of Atlanta's Whipstitch Fabrics and author of the new book Stitch By Stitch.  

That's my mother on the left up there.  She's been sewing forever.  Most of the clothes I can recall most vividly from my childhood were those she made for me.  As prodigious as she was -- and with two daughters, she really did sew all the time -- neither my sister nor I ever quite caught the bug.  Testament to that is that while the conversation you see taking place up there between my mother and Ms. Moebes was going on (it involved something about bias tape and scissors got involved), I was showing the author's mother the waistband of my slacks.

Which is missing a button.

For 3 years.

Because I don't have a needle or thread in my house.

If I could fix it with duct tape, I would, because that works very, very well on all the clothes I have with hemming issues.  

My mother is weeping now.


  1. Maybe she couldn't "sew" but she could surely cross stitch. I have proof in my kitchen and the same is true of the other daughter. They both have talents I don't have. How boring if all of us had the same talents. I enjoyed the book signing. I learned something new and very useful. Wish I had know it 50 years ago.

  2. Thanks, Mama -- I need to take that back up again while my fingers and eyes still (mostly) work!