Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Because I Feel Like It

Yesterday we had a great book event for Mark Leslie and his utterly delightful (even for those of us who don't cook) memoir/cookbook, Beyond the Pasta.  The crowds were out in full force, some most excellent wine was flowing, but I could not tear myself away from thinking about these flowers that graced the table where Mark was signing.

I'm a flower idiot, and once you get much beyond your basic tulips, roses, and canna, I'm pretty much in the dark.  These may be roses, or they may be some sort of rose-ish-looking-but-not-really-roses sort of thing, but what I do know for sure and certain is that sometimes a little shot of unexpected beauty is just flat out good for the soul.

And because I'm just in that sort of mood, I'm going to share for no particular reason other than because that's just the way I roll on occasion.

By the way.... did you know that if you click on the pictures
 they get really, really big? 

It's, like, magic or something. 

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