Monday, September 27, 2010

One of those Mondays....

The day started out rife with goof-ups, bad timing, and just generally nothing going right or according to plan.  We've all had Mondays like this.  It must be why Mondays have such a bad reputation.  They've earnnnnnnnnnned it.

The weather made things tolerable.  It was the first day in a long time that has me hopeful we might get an autumn this year.  The sun came out, a nice breeze hung around most of the day, and my 3:00 cup of coffee didn't seem as masochistic as it does when it's 102 degrees in the shade.

But the day itself?  Truly a take it or leave it one. 

Until I got to Rosemary's house.  Her folks had a meeting with a client, so I served as a placeholder for what was to be just about a half hour.  Rosemary got up from her nap and we went to sit on the front porch where we could catch a breeze, listen to the dry leaves skate down the driveway in a hurry to get somewhere I hope is special to them, and ring the fairy bells a few times.   (That's what she and I call the wind chimes next to her back porch.  Well, mostly I do the calling and she does the ringing, so far.)

When her people got home they invited me to come to the park to share a few minutes of their precious family time together.   Luke and Abby played fetch to an appreciative audience, who soon had their fill of such and went to the swings for a bit.

I had shared the cursed beginning of this day with so many folks that it seems only fair to share the blessed ending of it.


Rosemary enjoying silly Abby Dog.

Rosemary also enjoys watching her Daddy fetch.

And she is a great studier of nature. 

I have no idea how far back in the family this goes,
 but Great Big Buzzard never, ever fails to delight a kid
with any Upchurch genes at all.

And Grandmamas get to snatch a kiss
when the Great Big Buzzard lands!

Princess Oopsy Doodle and her sweet Mama.

Sue me.  I can't stand to see beautiful trees without taking a picture. 

Shall we swing?

I believe we shall!

"Do again, Mama!"


I hate to think how many decades it's been
since I was on a swing.  

If they could bottle moments like this the world would be a nicer place.

What next? 

The afternoon ended with some Peek-A-Boo going on in the gazebo.
I love how babies are delighted by this every time.


  1. What a perfect way to end my day. Thank you for sharing your joy. It made me joyful too.


  2. Lovely, simply lovely. Cute baby too. :-)

  3. I had a day like that too, except I didn't get the part with the delightful baby at the end of it. Great pics!

  4. Wonderful - love the love that just oozes out of the photos of you and Rosemary. Just makes me smile.