Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Always contemplating...

    stop by my blog, I really need a cute caption for this one!

  2. Hi Eleanor -- wanted to say thanks for the comment you left on my blog ( ... I loved your comment about knowing what people/things can live rent free in my heart. That's just a perfect way of viewing it. And yes -- I think this wisdom comes with age.

    I also realize that I'm a part of a toxic relationship -- nothing is ever one-sided. I am rather certain the other person probably feels the same as I do. I remember as a teenager fretting over the fact that I didn't like one of the girls on my cheerleading squad -- and my father kindly reminded me that it was probably mutual and to just let it go. It had never occurred to me that someone might not like me as well -- an eye-opener for a teenager but a lesson that has stuck with me for many years.

    You're a wise woman! And I love your photo ... I have a thing for photographing statues of angels so I love nothing more than a quiet afternoon in an old cemetery with my camera!

  3. Oh this is just a beautiful photo!! Silhouettes can sometimes be more powerful than the full color view.